(Can do with the flours of Foxtail Millet, Little Millet, Kodo Millet, Finger Millet and Pearl Millet)

Process of making

By Telugu foods in Pakoda Recepie

Foxtail Millet 250 grams
Onions 3
Spinach 1 bundle
Amarnath leaves 1 bundle
Coriander 1 bundle
Mint Leave Little
Green chillies 2
Salt As required
Mirchi As required
Curry leaves 2 pods


Onions to cut in long and thin and also leaves to cut long and thin and put powder of foxtail millet in a vessel and all the cut material, onions to mix it. Nicely mix coriander powder equally.

After mixing this after the oil got boiled properly and add oil with a spoon. Both to add with water and press with the help of hand to become strong and can use for pakoda. If the flame is less, then it will fry properly and can do pakoda with little millet, millets, kodo millet and pearl millet.

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