Millets Chakkilalu

Process of making

By Telugu foods in Millets Chakkilalu Recepie

Millets 250 grams
Pulses 50 grams
Oil ½ litre
Cumin Seeds Powder 1 Table spoon
Salt To taste
Green chilli paste or Mirchi powder 1 Table Spoon
Sesame seeds 1 Table Spoon


Pulses to grind and to make powder, millets flour, pulses flour, sesame seeds powder, salt, green chilli paste or powder mix it by adding sesame equally. On the pan add oil of a big spoon and after boiling properly the flour kept equally to add in it.

See that oil on the pan is boiled properly. To the prepared flour add some water and mix it form slightly thick. Then, this material can press in the designs you like and can make chakilalu. To have crusty it can be stored in a box and see that the box is air tight. This can be stored for a minimum of one month.

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