Process of making

By Telugu foods in Burfy Recepie

Finger Millets powder One cup
Milk One cup
Ghee ¼ cup
Dry coconut pieces One cup
Dry coconut 1 cup
Pieces of cashew nuts and
Almonds Two cups


In a wide cooking pan all the items to be mixed and to cook with thin flame. Also, after keeping it on the pan to observe it by mixing with a spoon and this is important. Or else it will catch to the bottom of the pan.

After cooking well the whole items will come in the middle of the pan and it will not catch to the bottom of the pan. Then, spread it equally on a plate which is applied with ghee. After five minutes of cool, the designs and sizes you like can do cut marks only and wait to become cool. After becoming cool it will be separately on its own. This can be stored for 20 days.

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