Rice of foxtail millet and little millet to fry it separately and all the fried items along with millet popcorn, pulses and make it in the form of flour. This can be stored for 3 months.

Process of making

By Telugu foods in Millet Recepie

Foxtail Millet 250 grams
Kodo Millet 100 grams
Millets popcorn 100 grams
Jaggery 250 grams
Cardamom 20
Fried Bengal gram 120 grams
Pulses 100 grams


Foxtail Millet and Little Millet separately fry it properly till you get smell and after becoming it cool, then grind by adding popcorn and pulses. Bengal gram seeds to make it flour and keep it separately.

In a vessel add jaggery and cardamom powder by adding water to it and keep on stove with little flame and after got nicely boiled. Then add jaggery juice and honey till it gets thick only to boil. All the powders kept aside put it in a vessel, add jaggery juice and form it like balls and made in this form can be stored for a week.

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